Energy Works a Mozambican company existing since 2014 with majority Mozambican shareholding, has developed studies and implemented projects in the area of ​​strategic planning and institutional development in a variety of sectors and territorial dimensions (national, regional, supra-municipal and local).

We focus on projects in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, as well as on Infrastructure projects.

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Improve your access to markets and clients that are increasingly demanding!

Countries in Southern Africa, and particularly Mozambique, are rapidly becoming preferred investment destinations. This goes hand in hand with a growing need for professionalisation.

That’s where EnergyWorks has an important role to play.

We can support you in your endeavour of improving the performance of your business.

Through our practical advisory and training services, we'll guide you through the challenges of managing various aspects of your working environment and how to build capacity and create more efficiency. We focus on health & safety, quality as well as environmental and maritime management systems.

We work closely with our clients in a wide range of sectors to assess what's required and then adapt or develop, and implement the management system to deliver it. We'd be delighted to hear from you to discuss your requirements and see what we can do to help.

And if you are a foreign or national investor, through our extensive networks and knowledge of the local business market, we can help you finding the local enterprise you are looking for, your joint venture partner or your supplier.



We can also assist with feasibility studies, market research, risk assessments, training inventories, stakeholder engagement, project design and implementation.


  English   Portuguese, International

Tel: +258 21 496 815 
Av. Kim Il Sung Nr. 1056 Maputo, Mozambique