Energy Works brings together over half a century of problem solving experience in world class companies and organisations in Mozambique and Southern Africa. Together, we analyse the situation, identify opportunities and challenges, co-design solutions and above all, assist with implementation.

We focus on projects in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Water sectors, as well as on Infrastructure projects.

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Health & Safety Training

Our wide range of training courses on Health & Safety includes:

H.1       Hygiene, Health and Safety at Work – General course (8 H)

H.2       Implementation of Safety Management Systems - OHSAS 18001 (24 H)

H.3       Internal Audits – OSHAS 18001

H.4       Investigation of Accidents and their Causes (16 H)

H.5       Methodologies for the identification of Risks and Prevention of Losses (16 H)

H.6       Work permitting (4 H)

H.7       Health and Safety in quimical industries (8 H)

H.8       Coordenation of Safety in Civil Construction (40 H)

H.9       Working at Heights (8 H)

H.10     Working in Confined Spaces (8 H)

H.11     First Aid – (32 H)

H.12     Basic Fire Fighting course (8 H)

H.13     Defensive Driving

H.14     Fire and Explosion (8 H)

H.15     Chemical and Biological Risks (8 H)

H.16     Warehousing and Labelling of Dangerous Goods (8 H)

H.17     Isolation and Lock-out (8 H)

H.18     Handling and Transport of Cargo

H.19     Safety in Maintenance

H.20     Safety in Machine and Equipment Operations


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We can also assist with feasibility studies, market research, risk assessments, training inventories, stakeholder engagement, project design and implementation.


  English   Portuguese, International

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